Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Sometime ago, I was thinking of ways to motivate myself finish work. And one of these ideas was to somehow integrate daily successes or fails into a minigame. I was thinking of a cute japanishe RPG where if I fail to complete real life tasks or maybe based on my weight or blood sugar my hero would weaken, making the game harder or annoying to play (or what about hacking Doom to make the guy being a slagfest? ;)

Since I am most of the time lazy and this was one of a million of ideas that I never even started, I shrugged it off and forgot it. Recently though, I thought what if someone else has made something similar? Well, of course someone would have thought of the most obvious thing already! There are many such attempts at "gamification" as they call it.

So, I ended up finding Habitica which I quite like. It's very easy to use and has three categories of tasks:

Habits, which can hang out there and you can do any of them whenever you want and many times. I can set one for example to read a book for an hour or a chapter of a book, maybe at a particular day I read more hours or chapters, but it doesn't have to be a specific day. You are not bound by any date or completion time. It's things you would occasionally want to do more but not bound to.

Dailies, which are daily goals set, like everyday hygiene, or specific days (e.g. Tuesday: read that book, Thursday: do fasting, Everyday: work on that project, Weekends: clean house) so at the end of the day you get asked what have you complete. Failing any of these will reduce your character's HP.

To-Dos, those are tasks with a deadline. I only have one for now, one of my creative projects (my next youtube retrotech video) due in days. Not sure what happens if I fail this.

And there is more into it, succeeding in these goals will get you XP and gold which you can use to buy various items and animals and other stuff (also add your own rewards, e.g. watch Netflix for an evening for 50 gold), you can set up quests with your friends, more I haven't discovered. There is no game to play, like an RPG where you really move your character, not like I imagined it, but that could move away from the goals and make you lose focus to some videogame. But it worked quite well so far, even as a fun little thing that could dry away possibly.

My thoughts on "gamification" but also on this notion of "reward or punish yourself if you succeed/fail" were a bit shaby (not sure what this word means but I felt it's feeling =). If I say to myself "study for 1 hour and I will allow you to eat a donut", then I could just not do the work and eat the donut anyway. Nobody stops you. If you could somehow tell your friend to steal your money (btw, I am just looking at Beeminder. Risky?) or an AI would know what you did and automatically lock away your pleasures? So, I couldn't see how this could motivate me. Reward yourself. But I can do it already, unconstrained!

It seems to work so far. I kinda push on working even a tiny bit on my projects, read some books I didn't had time to, not neglect hygiene (what is to wash teeth for few minutes if you are gonna get gold and XP? :). I mean, I am kinda into it surprisingly, even this post is a result of it! I decided to set up two dailies, every Wednesday I'll be posting something here, while on Saturday a post at Optimus Monologue. Normally, I have abandoned these blogs, so I thought it would be a good idea to see how it goes if I gamify the process. What if I don't have anything to write? Then here, I could just write about my progress with my coding projects, I would just write something. My goal isn't strict (so could I massage the keyboard to give q9y8 hdfoqerofdg wt chvqepb vo rbevtc8c43ptc34fh14fcp31 and post just to add a successful goal? :) so it doesn't say that I have to write this amount of words (but could be altered if I see I am taking the path of least resistanceduihaidohopc;iha;caa; =)))

I was also thinking about the possibility of a motivation/procrastination webpage where you might be able to gain money, in some hollow cryptocurrency... kthxbye :P

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