Sunday, 8 January 2017

New months resolution

Since it's the beginning of a new era, where I plan to switch my development focus for the next three years, I might try to monitor my progress more frequently. Thus I wondered why we supposedly make a new years resolution where it takes a whole year to realize we have failed instead of having smaller goals each month. Then I can review what happened the month that passed and form accordingly my plans for the next one.

I am also thinking of weekly themes, like first week focused on a specific project, another week in something else, maybe having side quests for secondary things I want to work with, unless I seem to like to work on the same thing for more weeks. Although that might be a lame idea since everyday there are forces that tell me what I prefer to do and most of the times nothing productive.

I don't know, I will play accordingly, try to set up a plan, imagine what I'd like to do in short periods, also be weary of longer periods, for example I don't want to reach April and having not even started on specific things. For example, I will lay down a plan for the CPC wolfenstein project, which I'd wish I can finish a game by this year. So,. if I am at the early stage of still tinkering with the engine and nothing else during summer, I might know it's not good. Time passes like that. Something happens that makes you postpone things, then it goes September, November, then you say let's start again by next year. There are few checkpoints, like events where I stop for a while and rewind, for example eastern, or some time in February where I have planned something that will take me off for a week, things that can disrupt the working flow and then another month have passed without doing much. I will be weary of these events and plan to finish things before. April before eastern would be essential to having finished a set of goals for the wolfenstein CPC so that I can work later on the game itself.

As for this month, I just came back from holidays, so one week is lost. During holidays I fixed a bug in the quinine engine but mostly started working on a Doom level for two days (that's another plan to finish a Doom megawad by gradually speed mapping, easy if I didn't have other projects to work in parallel). Now I have three weeks. It will be mostly a test to see how to plan things but maybe I'll work on some easy code for gamedev plans (I am not saying anything, just a small thing we might want to port). The rest will be added later (youtube video making, continue with CPC wolfenstein, side projects coding, maybe one or less of that). I need to find a process.

Or as I like to say, twelve disappointments per year.