Friday, 9 December 2016

Adventopolis #9 - Freeday

Nuff said.. it's only Freitag when I want to have a free time. Then again I always push it now for an hour or half. I added the palette displayer and selector which can be used for all CPC editor modes. I do the bunch of functions in such a way that can be easily used for the rest, but for now I want to finish the basic sprite editor functionality and try to paint few easy sprites for the future.

Tomorrow is Ludum Dare day and while I might be motivated or not to do something depending on the theme and whether I want to get into, I am seeing now how nice programming there is with the editor seeing things growing up. I only need to think of a good simple megastructure to save the whole data and maybe the logic will be that each level will have unique palette, wall textures/columns and sprites in a pack. So one level will have different color scheme than the next, but also a compact way to pack the data for a level and maybe each time a level is changed to extract data from the extra 128k memory or cartidge. The 64k plain CPC will be harder unless there is space by the end of the code for those data or compress them or find a non basic loader to load them from disk later on. I can fit some data at the moment but maybe when it grows there will be problem unless you are on 128k where I still have 48k free to use (I use 16k for texture/sprite data, 32k for double buffered vram, 16k for unroll codes and 16k for code).

So, I guess I might try to code this inbetween because it could be great if I would use this weekend to push it and it's motivating enough right now it's building. A more complete editor will motivate me to paint some test stuff and see the levels showing up. Then it might motivate me to optimize and finish the sprite zoomer and I only need transparent textures for the door animation. Then it's just to fix the bugs in the raycaster and take the big effort of porting some stuff to assembly (that could improve a lot the speed and save some memory). At some point the whole project will be at a form that I guess it might become more fun to complete and actually start building the main gameplay code.

p.s. As I side project I am thinking of my youtube vid ideas. But anyway, I am not gonna force all three of them, I just had the inspiration recently, after watching some other youtube vids. It will go away soon..

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