Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Adventopolis #7 - back to CPC

I was flirting with this idea since yesterday. While I plan to continue working on the wolfenstein engine used for a dungeon crawler based RPG movement, I wondered whether it would be a good idea to work on a smaller side project which will be a pure FPS. Maybe some fun minigame run and gun with a spacey theme, that's what I have in mind right now. I am also thinking of another way to render the walls that saves memory and might restrict the textures a tiny bit. I have inspiration from an already existing old FPS, trying to avoid limitations by doing that.

An RPG game could take longer to design and a simpler in gameplay mechanics shooting wolfenstein clone would be a nice inbetween project I think. But even the RPG game, I am planning to not take too much and aim at something not very big. Another reason is, I am thinking of an entirely different way to render, without raycasting, that might though allow for non-orthogonal walls. But that would need more research and rewriting of the engine. This is something I definitely want to try in the future, but my plan now is to finally focus on hopefully release something the next year. So, to release at least one of the two games and move on to a new engine might motivate me to finish in time. It might also sound like I am simplifying in order to release something harshly instead of spending more time to make it really good. But I realize since it will be my first real game on CPC and I don't have much experience in gamedev, maybe it's good to start smaller, don't make the biggest RPG world in your first attempt, make something smaller that could be 9 levels for example, don't bother much with story, maybe add some gameplay elements you'd wish to have for the first installation, and maybe go for RPG part 2 with the new engine in the future.

Anyway, so what I did today is to grab my old CPC FPS engine and mainly clean it up and unify the 64k/128k project files into one. This is almost finish, I need to test tomorrow and set up the environment. This is something I've already done some time ago with my Wolfenstein RPG project framework, took some time to set up everything, 64k vs 128k use different banks for data and vram and others, however this time I had the RPG framework to compare, and the pure 64k FPS version (with the old red wall textures and no weapon) to compare and update. It's done, I just have to setup preprocessor and other options in Codeblocks project (such a pain in the ass, I am doing it tomorrow).

I am excited about this and the next thing I want to do is see how easy it is to alter the unroll codes of the wall rendering to fit my new purpose. And maybe design some textures, run again that game that inspired me. Meanwhile I have the unoptimized C sprite zooming code in the RPG project and a plan to rewrite it in assembly, based on pseudocode I already have in mind. I can pass this on the FPS project so that I can shoot projectiles :)

Still, I worked on this 2 hours before midnight. Imagine what would be possible if I was motivated to focus more on my work. Still haven't figured out how to solve the procrastination problem. But writing these posts at least motivate me to work on something for half an hour or more, just to have something to say. Maybe after the end of this advent post calenderblog (which might just end at 21, I will be travelling for holidays in 22) I am thinking of another format, a weekly round up of what is achieved. Not daily, so I can take it more easy and not push things just for the sake of it, but at least weekly or biweekly so that I might focus on a plan and motivate myself.

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