Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adventopolis #6 - Mandelbrot

I am posting this a little earlier today. Better than chasing eleven and a half. I want to relax today for two hours before waking up for work. Anyway, I didn't have much plans for today, even though I got some inspiration while I was at work. That's how it happens. You have something in mind you want to try but you have to wait for the evening. Then, when you arrive, you feel the laziness. You are too tired and the day is over.

One of them was easy, it's just porting my old mandelbrot code and testing something I was curious of. Whether floats or doubles prove to be faster. It's something I've tried before but I always had to go through all code and replace float with double and then back. So I just made something I thought also for future tests of other floating point heavy code, just made a typedef of float into real, so I use real all over the code and I can switch this typedef double to float and back and test. In a specific zoom, VS2015 does 38fps with double and 27fps with float. I used to think in the past that floats are faster because they are smaller, but that's in hardware where software emulation of FPU is necessary. But I've heard something that VS does a runtime conversion with floats that degrades performance. Afterall double fits more closely the 80bit FPU register size. Meanwhile, in Codeblocks I get a constant 35fps no matter if float or double, I guess it handles it better. Now, I'll keep this typedef and try to use the real keyword for floats, because if I port code to GP2X it might pay instantly to switch to float from double without having to replace all over the code.

I also cleaned up some of the thread code, I commented it for now, because of problems with MinGW on windows not supporting std threads. I could look at other ways to use threads but I can't bother with that right now. I have at some point to read and think how to implement thread pools. And I still need to review the code so far and think if I want to do things better or different.

Meanwhile, I was thinking ahead of the projects I want to really focus on (this project framework is more like an exercise to daily do even some tiny coding work, just to flex motivational muscles and maybe provide a good codebase for the future). Like CPC wolfenstein gamedev, gamedev in general and my youtube video ideas. Everyone of them is something on a bigger scale and I want at some point to think of these projects, visualize and ask myself, in case I am able to provide the determination to focus on any of them. For example, CPC wolfenstein, started as a tech demo, but there is a small dream there, to make my first proper(?) CPC game (if you can think of Flappy UFO as a complete game). I don't want it to take 3 more years and I am pretty sure if I can focus, I can have something the next year. I could aim that for the CPC retrodev of next year. But still not sure how it will go, maybe it won't be a big game, maybe something to be fun for a while. I am even favoring the idea to make a side project, with the real time FPS (the RPG will still be dungeon crawler style).

So, anyway, I am diverging here. I have my attention focused on that fact, some of the bigger things that are not lousy demos, need strong determination and focus. You see so far, I code some random thing for 1-2 hours, then watch youtube and the night is over, and even in the weekends where I have more time somehow it just passes. I am ok with that, but I know I need to change strategy if I want to work on the bigger things. So, I will lay down each of the 3 goals I have now and meditate upon them. What I want to do. Why I want to do it. How long I imagine it would take. When do I plan to start. What do these projects mean to me.

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