Saturday, 3 December 2016

Adventopolis #3 - NMS fail

Ok, I did actually work on the morning, just finishing some touches in yesterdays code, finalizing the simple tool that generates source files and testing by making few part sources and porting some effects. I was supposed to be doing the multithreading support but that's for tomorrow I guess.

I had to go to the city to relax and do some talk with the phone company (I am just in this city in UK that has the monopoly, three months and still no phone line and internet (though the 4G wifi box alternatives are much better than I thought but restricted in GBs if you want to do more)). Needless to say, not solved. Then I came back and don't remember what I did but at some point I decided to try NMS with the new Foundation update and learn how to create monstrocities for a base :)

Then I watched youtube. I need to watch some more and then sleep. I told ya, usually I work less during weekends :P

p.s. I also hope to switch to some other projects soon enough, although the PC framework miniproject is more motivating sometimes because I know what to do next and I can take it as slowly as I need.

p.p.s. Problem two. It's too late now to go out in the city to buy some Quinine. Damn!

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