Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Adventopolis 1.#INF - I am bored

So, that's it. The experiment is over. I don't plan to do any more entries of this. What is done is done. It helped me a bit at some moments to work on two things, the 2d software rendered framework that will be used for 2d PC/handheld games in the future (and I tested a bit how practical it is with the unfinished Ludum Dare entry and know what works and what to change/improve) and some more work on the CPC wolfenstein, mainly the editor and the zooming sprites. And that's good. But it was kinda forced to have to work each evening just to post an update. And I got tired and I proved what I wanted to.

The last few days before xmas are coming. At 22 I'll be flying back to Greece for holidays. Then I'll come back next year with new plans and dreams. I am already thinking some new years resolutions or better call them new months resolution and making a plan to allow me finish early enough some of the things I want to proceed. For example, if I procrastinate too much with things, if I see myself still fighting with the technical things of the wolfenstein engine in August, then it get go September, October and I will be like, fuck it, I am finishing this next year. But maybe I can set up monthly goals and see how it progress, or checkpoints like moments where there will be stop in flow, like for example eastern in April where I might travel back to Greece again as usually (I always go three times on Xmas, Eastern and some period in the Summer to see friends and family) and will cut the creative flow for 1-2 weeks and then coming back I need time to rewind. So, I could have a plan of what I'd wish to finish by that time. And maybe watch out every week or month for what I wanted to finish and what happened.

Or maybe focus more on setting me in the mentality of procrastinating less. I believe 2017 will be the year I should break this and get into new stuff that need the focus, need the change in mentality to achieve what I want.

Anyway, merry xmas and a happy new year if I don't see you in another post here!

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