Saturday, 17 December 2016

Adventopolis #17 - the zoom must go on

I didn't work all day this Saturday. I went out to the city and then out again to meet a friend. And that's ok, didn't plan to bruteforce this weekend anyway. I only came back in the evening, rested for a while and then decided I have to code something just to write this (slight motivator to code at least one hour per day, interesting, but not something I would like to do in such fashion all the time).

I decided to test some more on the zooming on CPC wolfenstein and see how much it takes to sort of position a sprite and zoom according to the distance to the player. But of course I made a bad mockery with 1D distances just to see it. I will need real sqrt on CPC unless I can think of another way, but now it's doing a fake thing just to see and imagine how it would feel like. Also, no real positiong from 3D to 2D yet and no clipping at all. I even made a video about it.

Other than that, I am thinking tomorrow again of a youtube video I wanted to do criticising level design of a specific FPS and I might try to bruteforce it in the morning so that I don't end up at night and feel like doing nothing. And then I was playing again with an idea I have, which I don't remember if I mentioned yesterday and I am too lazy to check, for speed coding and maybe some youtube vid/timelapse. Also another way to maybe motivate me to try specific stuff I postpone. Select something you wanted to code and try to code it fast, either something you have coded before or a new effect you never made before. It's like the speedmapping on Doom where they try to make a map in 30 minutes for example (I might try to do one of these too and maybe timelapse it :).

Anyway I don't know how it will be tomorrow and if I'll end doing something. Then I'll have something like 4 days or less inside the weekend. Maybe my last wish was to release something for the Sam? Not sure now though, old lousy assembly code which I could fix or maybe I'll release something as is. I even have to bother switching on my Sam and see how I will transfer the thing I'll be doing to check if it works.

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