Friday, 16 December 2016

Adventopolis #16 - time before the second fail

Ok, it's 15 minutes before midnight, I was about to miss the next post. Yesterdays post was forgotten, it was over 2:00 after midnight but it's ok, I had to do something else.

Little things now, it's Friday and I just finished the unification of the Wolfenstein FPS and also tried sort of press Space to fire projectile zooming blue fireball. It's blue for now because I am trying on red walls texture. Of course it just zooms at the center, no real positioning yet.

I have another idea for speed coding. Might try it at some point.

p.s. I already got bored of this, but I am gonna continue it till the end..
p.p.s. I cheated and change the date of yesterday's post. I just wanted them to line up every day in the list.

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