Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Adventopolis #14 - and the bat is in!

Things going well, although I am coding for 1+ hour, my new plan is waste time before hand and code something at ten. Hehe,. it short of works, but might change strategy in the future if I want to do more. Or maybe it's an ok strategy to motivate me to work on something instead of nothing. This night's task was to transfer the two frame of the bat enemy sprite (no joke about Batman Group :) from sigh, see how it looks (it kinda blends weirdly with black or dark blue, sigh's sprite was black, I changed it to blue, maybe try some gray or something). I also added a sprite struct in the CPC code, so that I have different sprites, both the fireball and bat frames and select which to render. It used to be a function that read a single global spr array in the past, just for testing. Now it's ready to render many different sprites of different width/height. I am still rendering in the center, so I need to next solve real x,y,z position to x,y and zoom on the screen. And maybe optimize the speed.

I am getting good with screenshots in these posts (although don't expect it daily). But when I finish a proper move around level, meet static bats flapping their wings in real 3d and shoot fireballs, maybe clip and of course zoom rewritten in assembly for fast speed, it will be proper for a youtube progress preview. That's all I want to do (this year? Don't know). Then I am at the next stage of the engine/game. Where I have to go back to solve, raycaster problems/speed improvements, and then rewrite this big thing in assembly. And call it a day. And figure out where to go next (I might have to check my remaining memory, I hit something again by adding all three sprites but I am not sure). Then what remains is the texture editor/special effects with column offsets (torch animations, sliding doors (that will need also transparency)). It will at some point feel more complete and ready to start coding the gameplay. Lot's of small and bigger things I hope to reach a point where it doesn't feel scary.

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