Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Adventopolis #13 - finally a screenshot

I did more than I thought, most of it was easy, finishing the touches on the CPC sprite editor for wolfenstein, but also the save/load to binary and C/asm source (taken from the same on map). I felt I shouldn't do a 10 minutes work looking 30 minutes at the ceiling for this, so I coded fast and it oh went so well, I even painted a simple fireball and tested it on the lousy slow C zoom routine on the engine. Here is a screenshot.

Little fireball is coming on me, I attack with my dagger,.. or nothing like this happens anyway. It's just a zoom animation from 1x to 4x. At 1x it's ok at 3x/4x it slow down everything. Of course that's the routine I have to write in assembly and I know now how (and it will be quite faster and allow more zooming sprites at the same time).

So, maybe tomorrow I can continue with some other things on the same project. I was initially thinking to transfer also the bat two sprite animation I got from our graphician, but maybe it's not necessary now. Unless I want to animate two frames and place it somewhere on the map and let me approach it. Right now the zoom routine can take x,y screen position and zooming factor. It might even do some clipping iirc, not sure. But what it does not do is take real x,y,z, check visibility with player camera and transform to x,y and zoom, maybe even clip with walls. I'd like to think how to do it efficiently or at least and easy brute force just to see it, just to move near a sprite in the real 3d world. Or alternatively I could optimize the sprite routine with the assembly I have in mind. Or make the player shoot those fireballs by pressing fire, preferably in the UnifiedFPS version I still haven't finished unifying.

I hope tomorrow I am similarly motivated.

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