Monday, 12 December 2016

Adventopolis #12 - The color of coffee

Title doesn't make sense. I just wanted to name something like that. Like the color of money or the color of magic. Procrastination is the color of coffee.

So, it was time to not work further with my Ludum Dare entry. I only added some image loading but never bothered drawing my Pallew Pallew and Zardoz enemies. I thought I should rest and that was enough to port my wolfenstein on PC and start doing something with my Pallewsoft framework so that I see what I like about it and what I can change. Also discovered some issues with my wolf engine in highres that I didn't think about before. There is warping even after fishbowl correction (taken from Permadi tutorial) and I have to think about that, someone told me something on Pouet about it.

I kinda started playing with my other dream, to make some better youtube videos for some game rants. Just got Bandicam and Audacity trying various ways on how I will make those videos. Should I capture mic and game sound separately so that I combine together? Should I make little scripts of what I will say, play parts of the game separately and later on add the voice? I am playing with that. One critic I wanted to do on Duke Nukem World Tour levels, that's better explained by showing stuff and adding voice than ranting on gaming reviews, I could start doing small snipsets of videos (but don't think I will be close to releasing the video this year). I almost tried it but I haven't found a confident way to do it. I assume it's gonna be a pain to express myself through some more carefully made youtube videos.

Not sure how to continue this anymore. The plan is to keep pushing and motivate me to work on few stuff for the rest of the days I will write something on the blog. I could continue with the CPC wolf editor which is going nicely or do some fragments and prepare script of the vid I want to make. Or maybe do the Sam Coupe mini intro thing, just to not break the promise of this year.

I'll have to break the habits and change strategy on how I work with things if I want next year to successfully work on some bigger new projects. Maybe this is a test here..

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