Sunday, 11 December 2016

Adventopolis #11 - Close but no Jam

Woke up later today, started working at moment on my Ludum Dare entry, which as I see won't make it today. And I am not even sure I want to spend time tomorrow with the Jam. Unless maybe late. I did solve most of the raycaster bugs, have some proper controls, right now planning to generate or load some textures, start building the door rooms, need to still make a loader for few images, like the crappy enemies I was planning to draw with MS Paint and record lousy sounds and call it a day. The enemies won't even move, there will be no enemies, just the idea of many many doors but one is real. Just a jokeprod. But I am not even close. At least, I wanted to port/rewrite the raycast wolfenstein engine in a modern environment and try some more stuff in the future (I will push that in a repo and work it in the future). It might also help for rechecking some stuff I was struggling with on CPC.

So even if no ludum dare (or maybe the Jam? Still pondering about it..) at least I worked more than usually and it was fun sometimes except from the bugs, and I worked that on my new Pallew Pallew soft framework and it can grow in the future for other game projects (but hopefully no 2 day Ludum Dare, I wanna take my time, lot's of lousy code not written the way I wanted).

The idea is whether I'll finish this tomorrow or rather ditch it and spend tomorrow on the other projects I left back. Continue with the CPC wolfenstein editor that is going nicer and slower, or maybe give 2-3 hours in making my first fragments of a little youtube video on a specific FPS level design rant I want to have. I need to start my youtube dreams too, at least see how much it takes to complete a small part of one vid.

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