Saturday, 10 December 2016

Adventopolis #10 - much but not much

So, I decided to take a chance on the latest Ludum Dare, theme one room. I was thinking to do some stupid thing with the raycaster engine, of course on PC with SDL, rewriting it from scratch. Half of my day was lost on doing other things (I see again how procrastination works, wanting to check something on the internet for 5 minutes, ending two hours, then feeling the dread, the more it goes the more you know you are never gonna start). And yet I started at 3:00pm and sort of motivated by listening to some 8bit tunes, hehe.

It's going good, just I don't have anything yet, almost ported my code but it crashes with bugs in the raycaster. I worked more than usual (till I got hungry at 9:00pm) but too much without much to show. I was hoping to have the raycaster movement so that I can program some lousy gameplay. Hopefully tomorrow before lunch.

Yet I am thinking and do wish, if I do something to finish it tomorrow and not go for the Jam. I could use my Monday (which I have a day off) to focus on the other projects, continue the CPC wolf editor which goes nicely, maybe start working on some other stuff. So, it's either debugging the wolf fast and then start creating things tomorrow all day or nothing. But I wanted to rewrite the raycaster engine on modern PC anyway, just to test some new stuff at some point. Although because of LD I code things fast and not elegant. Maybe I can finish something and improve structure in the future.

p.s. I already got bored writing these series of advent blogs, especially when I don't have much good news or some teaser (it sometimes feels awkward), but I plan to do it till 21 and see what happens. Yet, I see just by posting everyday to get more visitors, which is interesting.

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