Saturday, 12 March 2016

So, there it is!

One more final merge. There is nothing more to merge. I couldn't keep with some of my blogs. Well, I don't have the motivation or time to write frequently in most of them anymore anyway. But at the end, it makes sense to connect Plasma Fun with Computer Hermit. They both talk about computers, one is more on the light side reviewing games and demos and just having nice screenshot of stuff, the other started as a serious ranting about things computer related. I think that's for the best. And then there is no way I would merge anything any more, Optimus Monologue is totally different than this one, it's two sides of my life, one thinking too much about life and ideas, the other about computers. Unless I decide to create yet another new blog, this will never happen again.

I might only move some of the blog links I still care about here and delete Plasma Fun once and for all. I am not sure if I will review games soon or just rant about game design or computers or maybe even talk about programming. But now everything will be together, instead of two separate blogs with minimal visits, one more abandoned than the other.

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