Saturday, 12 March 2016

So, there it is!

One more final merge. There is nothing more to merge. I couldn't keep with some of my blogs. Well, I don't have the motivation or time to write frequently in most of them anymore anyway. But at the end, it makes sense to connect Plasma Fun with Computer Hermit. They both talk about computers, one is more on the light side reviewing games and demos and just having nice screenshot of stuff, the other started as a serious ranting about things computer related. I think that's for the best. And then there is no way I would merge anything any more, Optimus Monologue is totally different than this one, it's two sides of my life, one thinking too much about life and ideas, the other about computers. Unless I decide to create yet another new blog, this will never happen again.

I might only move some of the blog links I still care about here and delete Plasma Fun once and for all. I am not sure if I will review games soon or just rant about game design or computers or maybe even talk about programming. But now everything will be together, instead of two separate blogs with minimal visits, one more abandoned than the other.

Maybe a new post - games I would have written about

This is a quite abandoned blog. Well, I have three of them, and sometimes wondering whether I should connect them all at once. But how many times have I done this thing? Deleting blogs, merging blogs, then deciding to separate them again then merge again? I have to decide. Certainly I decided to never make a new blog anymore, unless there is a special reason. And what should be merged? I would like to kill some of my blogs. Or they don't match together. (But I think I might do one last merge and keep it. This blog is more close to Computer Hermit and also less updated).

I would like to write about some games like in the past. I stopped at the first Borderlands and Test Drive Unlimited. I could have reviewed what I like and dislike about the sequels of these games which I played to death. Or there are few special titles that I would definitely like to mention. Special types beyond your typical AAA game. Indies or almost AAAs that I specially adore and are my favorite games of the year. But maybe I'll make a list for now:

  • Legend of Grimrock 1/2
  • Life is Strange
  • The Talos Principle
  • The Witness
  • Spelunky
  • To the Moon
Those are. Those are some of the recent games that I am really glad they are out there in the game industry, making things better than playing another AAA title with boring cinematics and QTEs. And maybe I forget few more.

Also, I'd like to mention some recent oldies I replayed and appreciate (some of them remastered).

  • Deus Ex: GOTY
  • Strife: Veteran edition

And of course:
Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale Undertale 

Hehe, the Undertale madness is insane. And I quite liked it, even though I have more love for some of the other games in the list. But anyway, Undertale deserves this too for doing something different and surprising with the retro rpg genre.

And there are quite more games I would like to talk about, also Brutal Doom and it's impact, why the community is divided. Also sometimes I play regular Doom or Brutal Doom and wonder what is the thing that makes it so unique compared to modern FPS. Or discuss what are the good elements from Serious Sam or how many new things had Duke Nukem 3D made and how back FPS are (or they followed a different route of cliche cinematics and linear storytelling with boring action). I could make a lot of analysis on some game design subjects I come back a lot of the times and wonder about.

Or maybe talk about demos and other stuff that I wanted to cover in this channel too. Maybe..

p.s. Or maybe do the merge. That will be a final. One is my thinking about life and ideas blog, Optimus Monologue. The other should be Computer Hermit (and I get rid of Plasma Fun title which is weird, didn't gave it much thought then). I know,. I would be killing some links to this blog, maybe the replies to the messages are copies and maybe I have to move some of the good links before deleting it. I think I'll make the move..