Friday, 9 December 2011

Any paranormal computer science phenomena?

I'd love to read some paranormal claims that involve anything having to do with computer science. Why?

Because I'd love to be able to explain something strange in a field that I have some experience. I'd laugh to see something trivial that's easilly explained yet also being puzzled by something that is harder to make sense out of it. I'd love the feeling of something invading our world where we have the expertise to make sense of it. It would also be easier to recognize false claims without wondering which side is right. Because I would have a personal view that is not just sticking to either the believers or the skeptics opinion but understanding your own thing.

I want to let you understand what's the problem with all those conspiracy and paranormal claims for the layman but even for myself too. Unless I wanted to stick fanatically to either one of the sides, the reality is that I really don't know what to think about some claims because I am not an expert in some fields. Sometimes you need to be, sometimes you don't but the answer doesn't come unless you are biased. I mean, if you are a believer you will distort the facts to fit your own view, but the same happens if you are a skeptic in the wrong sense that dismisses all the claims which sound extraordinary.

One fact that I realized is that the conspiracy theorists present their claims in such a way that it's so fucking believable. Something inside you tells you it can't be true, it's too good to be true, there must be another explanation here. But there are the claims that seem hard to refute, some are claims that sound valid to the layman but you'd wish you were a specialist in a field to really know the reality (for example, oh the twin towers, steel cannot melt if the temperature doesn't go over this threshold, we even talk to some experts, blabla). Sometimes though they intentionally don't present all the data (oh,. the flag in the moon landing waves like there was an atmosphere. No,. they have just showed a part of the moon landing video where the astronaut tries to stabilize the flag into the ground and so moves it. In all the rest of the video the flag is stationary)

It makes it annoying to someone like me who would love to know the truth, the real reality behind all these stuff, but sometimes fall for it. For the temperature steel melt or for some photography stuff or for other things, where even so called experts(?) come out and say yes it's extraordinary, something strange is happening. I cannot say! That boggles me. The best thing I can do is read what the skeptics have to say but aren't they also trying to find the most ordinary explanation out there? How can I have an objective personal view that is not affect of either groups?

Bring the computer science related claims. Because then you easilly know. Little example that made me think about this. In one of the 40 claims about the moon landing hoax from a site I cannot find right now, it was only one that made me easilly smile and understand that if you know about these things, you can easilly refute false claims or maybe even find some validity for the most extreme stuff.

The claim was something like that "Oh,. the simulation programm of Apollo 8 was running in an old 8bit processor with 64k. It's hard to believe that. Today you need a Pentium 3 with 128MB Ram to run a space simulator application".

With that above I could easilly laugh. Most people underestimate what older computers can do if their modern PC goes like a snail when trying to save a document in Word or something. Furthurmore when people read "Simulation" the imagine something like the Fuckin MATRIX!!! The programm in the space shuttle most probably was calculating or correcting trajectories during the flight or in the landing and was specialized to do these things effeciently. It's not a full blown application doing heavy simulations or displaying 3d graphics of what is happening. Having also a good idea of what 8bits can do either by programming for them or watching all those demos fitting in so few kilobytes of memory and showing impressive things, the claim above doesn't sound extraordinary at all. The average layman has a different perspective over someone who knows his field, and you could trick the first to believe there is something extraordinary here. Btw, the Apolo 11 guidance code is here for anyone interested.

That's the problem. I didn't respond in the same way on the claims of shadows on the moon going wrong or the lack of stars or other photographic "evidence". I was like, OMG they are going the other way. Isn't it obvious I thought? But it's hard to believe. This is big! If I was more informed about the lens they used for the photographs, they light and ground conditions and other stuff, or if I had an idea about the relevant fields then I would have a great laugh at start. But now they manage to boggle your mind by presenting you claims in a way that it makes them believable especially if you don't have much idea about what's going on.

Thus I really want to read more paranormal stuff and conspiracies concerning computers or something related. Not that I am an expert in everything, I could still be boggled but it would be interesting. Because I feel I would have the proper knowledge and experience to not fall for it and make easilly sense.

Though most of the stuff would be some virus or some "hacker" who made someone believe his computer is the spawn of the devil or something :P :P :P

But I'd love to. Where is the ghost in the machine?


  1. I think the closest you're going to get is the "recursive compression" loonies that pop into comp.compression every so often. I've been seeing them there for the past 15 years. Their basic argument is that they've somehow found a way to compress any data by at least 1 bit, which we all know from the counting theorem is impossible. They extend this claim to say that you can take the output of this process and run it through again, and again, etc. They seem to think that the data will "stop" around 1K which their brain can rationalize, but their claim defines that you could take anything and compress it down to 1 bit. This claim is similar to the perpetual motion or free energy loonies.

    Many of them have written compressors, but when asked to demonstrate a decompressor, they somehow never seem to produce one. If you're lucky, they'll go off to write one and never come back. And if you've won the lottery, they WILL come back and admit they were wrong. But that happens about twice a decade.

  2. Haha, I had forgotten about these cases :)

    Now I am thinking it, the difference is that in the computer case the whole universe is your computer hardware and software, about which you know it's limitations. But in the real world, it's quite possible that scientists discover something that we don't know existed in the universe and makes some things possible. In the compression cases it's already obvious to us how some claims are simply wrong. But with the real world I am living more in awe and ignorance about the real limitations. We don't know much yet.

    That's a good reason why I don't see strange cases and mysterious things in computers. Bytes can not just dissapear. Except maybe from an external source which is in the real world :P

    p.s. I have been thinking in an old post that retrocoding of "impossible" things has that feeling, of something invading your world, of something extraordinary, but this time it's logical, the dream and the realization is in front of your eyes. Oldschool demoeffects are mostly like a magician's trick.

  3. Well, you want computer/paranormal incidents. I'll be happy to help out. I never believed in the paranormal until this started happening to me. Until this is scientifically tested, it's possible that it is not happening on the computer, but the altering of my perception of the computer.
    --Had sold a number of items on ebay. Checked on sale of 4 items. Scrolled down to check other items. Scrolled back up and now there are only two items listed. Since the other two items were not listed, I didn't know what he had purchased. We exchanged a couple of emails. Then I received an email that looked like we had not communicated at all. Check the lists and there was no record of sending and receiving emails.
    --I was selling a number of similar items. I was double checking to make sure that the photos matched the description. Some didn't. So I put the proper photo with the description, but now the description has changed, so now it doesn't match the photo.
    --Forgot to mention, that all the incidents have been occurring since the first week of March. I've been doing ebay for eight years and all the reported incidents were things I've never seen on ebay.
    --Was trying to mail a package to China. You input what type of mailing, the weight and dimensions, hit submit and you get a shipping label and a customs form. The package weighed 1 1/2 pounds. A form appears that I've never seen before. It said my package weighed 6 pounds, but I typed 3. Out of curiosity, I typed 6 and it said my package weighed 12 pounds and I had typed 6 pounds, etc.
    --I'm receiving emails three to four days after they've been sent.
    --Some emails I'm sending out are not being received.
    --Words will be deleted so I come across as an idiot. I only saw it happening once. Once I edit what I wrote, it doesn't change.
    --Some people aren't receiving my chat messages on Facebook.
    --ITunes wouldn't recognize my password. Apple said they would send an email to help me reset the password. Never happened.
    --A few emails had dates that were a couple of days in the future.
    --Lately, the computer has been turning itself on.
    --Often, my passwords will not be recognized the first and sometimes the second time I type them.
    --Money was transferred from my checking account to Paypal causing a couple of checks to bounce.
    --I receive different warning signs I've never seen when I'm doing ebay
    and non-ebay operations.
    --I was working on IPhoto when I saw a photo being uploaded except that the camera was in the kitchen.
    --For every photo that has an individual, a face close up is produced. I now have hundreds of these.
    --There's about 50 photos that I did not take in IPhoto.
    --Shipping labels were produced and printed via paypal that were not related to ebay. One, I don't know how to do it, and two, I don't even know if it can be done.
    --Things show up in Trash that I didn't put there including one time all my apps.
    --Photos in IPhoto were taken before I purchased my IMac. I never transferred any photos to my new computer because the old computer had crashed.
    --Just today, when I try to connect to Aim mail, I only get a line about and inch from the top. Will start up on the second try.
    There's more, but I'm going to bed.