Saturday, 22 January 2011

Luck in games

I never understood Bejewled.

It's fun, you move jewels, jewels break and a lot of funny graphics, explosions, 3d tunnels, warps are happening in your screen per click.

But I don't get the concept. You can just click and make some random pairs and things break. What forces me to have a strategy to choose the right jewels to break? It seems random. Sometimes I loose because there are no jewel pairs to break. Are people thinking strategically which jewel to break in order to not be out of pairs after 20 plays? I don't get it! The only strategy I could think is to break the ones that are lower in order for more stuff to fall off and make compos. A puzzle game like tetris was based entirely on how you set up the 7 pieces that came randomly. You were building stuff, there was logic, there was skill. But what is there in bejeweled? Except if I am missing something..

There is an interesting article about luck in games that inspired me to write this post. It shows with pie charts how much skill, luck and other factors are there in different game genres. It also reviews the bejeweled case.

It also has as an example of luck, the funniest game video I have ever seen (if you exclude any video of big rigs of course :)


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