Monday, 8 November 2010

I have a great idea, WE will become rich, YOU will do it!

I hate this attitude. When someone insists on telling me that with such smartness, implying that his idea is such a goldmine that it's most important to abandon anything else I am doing and focus on his awesome idea. Especially when that person has nothing to do with the scope of the work involved. When he sees your own work as an opportunity for money and fame, which he thinks that you don't take.

It would still be ok if that person boasted about his great idea while he started working on a prototype of it, or already having an interest or past experience on the subject. But when people not being interested in the creative process behind programming come and insist on using ME, because they think I spent my time in creating useless computer software (demos) for obsolette platforms instead of grabbing the opportunity to work on their awesome idea, that's where it really gets on my nerves. If you cared at least a bit for the creative process behind my thing..

The other common misconception and overration from their side is the belief that their so great idea is enough for the eternal success, such that they will be instantly famous and rich and they won't need to work ever again in their lives. This is such an exaggeration and not only. What we use to say is that it's not about the idea but the implementation. Everybody's got a great idea for success. But nobody wants to spend several years from his life to learn the necessary skills and then take some more time and planning to bring his idea to life.

And this is still not enough. Do you think that even the greatest idea fullfilled after truly hard working would never have any chance to fail? First of all, it's the proper implementation that matters. You may have the greatest idea, even spent time from your life to do it yourself, yet being poorly implemented. Secondly, what about marketing? Public relationships? Good timing? An unpredictable market? One can think of so many good pieces of software, websites, quality stuff, honest attempts that you would respect the work behind but somehow they didn't catch up. While at the same time a fart simulator on the Iphone makes some guy rich and famous.

Not only isn't your great idea that you want another person to do it for you enough for eternal success, but even if you did it yourself and it was good, you wouldn't be able to tell the outcome. One thing I'd like to add, even if your idea happened to be succesfull, you wouldn't be so rich so that no more work for you for the rest of your life. Whether you would make 1000 euro or 100000 euro, you should still have to invest on that to continue with your next piece of software and move on slowly without big expectations. What makes you think elsewhere? How naive can you be? Or how far does your impudence go? To even imagine the possibility of eternal richness with some idea you think it's great, yet you don't even want to work it out but insist that others should do it for free, is such rudeness if not the ultimate hybris!

And this doesn't end here. Let's see it from my own point of view. Think about motivation. A person cannot just take on your plan and start working on something like a big programming project that needs dedication and great will, just because you think you are persuasive with your glorious idea and promise of glory and riches. Personally, the attitude I described, especially when you despise my programming focus on "useless" stuff and only focusing on the outcome, makes me dislike even thinking about working with (not for) you. I would only work on your own idea if you paid me and that's not even certain. Secondly, even most of my own ideas for stuff I would find great or interesting usually go to the recycle bin because of lack of interest in the long term. If I can't be always motivated and hard working for doing my own beloved stuff, how would I be for your own ideas that I might find irrelevant at the particular time? What makes you think I would spare my time and effort because you had an idea? If you are so obsessed and enthousiastic of your great ideas for riches and fames then it's YOU who should start working on it!

Think about your "me sitting, you working, I rule" clueless attitude. Think about your lack of interest in the domain and sole focus on the outcome. Think about the need for a good implementation, marketing, luck, unpredictability. Think about you should also provide something yourself (if not the work, then the funding). Think about motivation. Remember that you can still fail. Don't be so clueless and arrogant and show understanding to what we are doing here. When we were burning our remaining neural cells focusing on some obscure tech hobby like programming, you were there mocking us for our dedication on "useless" stuff while boosting about how your clever ideas can make you an instant success without any effort.

Hey, I have a great idea for a book but I am not good at writting and I am not interested in it, will you write it for me? Doh :P

p.s. Needless to say that most of those "genious" ideas are just laughable stuff. Cluelessnes win! Also search for "How can I make the ultimate MMORPG/Facebook website and become rich?". You find nowadays a lot of queries of this kind on google :P


  1. Before this movie "Social Network", there was the "Lets make a music band, and conquer the world". Now people learned, that you can be rich and famous with just a simple "smart" idea through internet.

    Now I totally agree with you, it's the implementation and passion with the creative process that makes the difference. I would also add an extremely small probality of huge amounts of luck. There were many social network websites before facebook came, who were basically the same thing but never became that famous.
    I bet that the ideas that they propose you to code are social networking oriented. How genius :P

    Anyway Facebook sucks, world domination will come through qbasic demos. Into the fight!
    <________> Grey Alien Resistance

  2. Haha,. not the fuckbook. Well it was something like a MMORPG but with changing the face of the monsters with the face of his friends because he looked like an Orc. A "fabulous" idea I tell you, we are gonna get rich, LOL

    LOL. I imagine now an Into The Fight 2 demo with 2.5MB of scrolltext. Move Zig! For Great Justice!

  3. If into the fight 2 comes out it should have no escape button, and it should run in kernel space, so the user won't terminate it from task manager. After of 2 MB of drunken delliriums, hypnotizing plasmas will brainwash him with 0.5 MB otinanism propaganda scroller.

    This is a more Feasible plan of world domination, rather than human-orc hybrids mmorg.