Thursday, 12 August 2010

Final Project OMG

There is no much time left till the deadline for the handling of this final project. The subject had something to do with volume rendering in OpenCL (although I have also a GLSL version here, from where the screenshots come).

Some days ago I tried to mix my 3d dot box effects I had here in some old posts with my volume rendering engine. At the moment I just upload them in a 3D texture every frame, which runs at 20fps except when my laptop gets hot and drops at 5-10fps (happens very frequently when I run this code), and then with a key I pause the effect update and spin around and near the volume still to adore it's looks.

I have so much to fix (normals for lighting/reflection, more proper alpha blending, implement bilinear in the OpenCL version, port the effects in OpenCL and more) and... oh, I should choose something for my final project and start writting it. So, I may leave the experiments at the moment and try to concentrate on the main thing. Normally I was supposed to have a look at data structures like octrees and such stuff to accelerate the process and I hope I still have time for that. No matter what, I will start writting the report, implement what I can and see from there.

But finally I love those pictures (And still there are some buggy parts). In the past everything was wrong. It's the first day I see some interesting beauty. At least I might do a demo with this if I don't manage to get my degree :P

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  1. Nice plasma! ;) Put an ice pack under that laptop..