Saturday, 12 June 2010


Such an addictive timewaster. Fortunately, in such games, when I reach higher levels I get frustrated and stop playing. It gets so complicated that I am too lazy to play further :P

The concept is sooo cool and so are the controls (you've got to get used to them) and ideas. You are a ball that can change between three colors. You have to match the colors with the coin colors to collect them or the traps and obstacles of the same color. There are also different abilities for each color, the red can run faster and dash further, the blue can slide and climb on walls, the yellow can double jump. And you have to combine them together as you go through the levels. Then the complex levels start where an area behind you is colored differently and affects your own color so you have 6 colors or more and also some objects that change your primary colors. It's a very effective concept and if you want to be challenged by the advanced levels this is for you!