Friday, 5 March 2010

Why I still play doom?

Many people (mostly newschool gamers) have asked me, why do I keep playing this highly pixelated (texelated I would say :) game from 1993? There are so many modern FPS with next generation graphics, more interesting story and lot's of more interaction. Why?

If they knew I am also into level editing for Doom they would wonder twice. But both playing and level editing seems to be so much more fun in Doom than modern FPS. About playing, I do sometimes play modern FPS, but they start getting so complicated or realistic that I just prefer the arcade style of old good Doom. As for level editing, I admit Doom is the only FPS I have tried to create a level. I only have seen how a modern level editor looks like when I tried to do it with Max Payne (because I was helping a friend who wanted to learn it for a project) and only for a little while. But all I see is that to create mods for modern FPS can be far more complicated than in Doom. I simply don't have time for that. Also, the limitations of the doom engine allow the level designers to challenge themselves by trying to overcome these or find tricks to make "impossible" things running in the vanilla doom engine. And the community is BIG!

How is this happening? What is so special about Doom that many people are still playing it, lot's of ports are coming out, level designers create hundreds of maps and some of them still show new never seen before ideas and amazing beautiful design and the community seems to be much bigger than the ones in modern FPS?

One article that attempts to answer that is here.

Also, as a complement I give you this link and a screenshot taken shamelessly from his blog because I like the comparison. The guy is, as I read the news in doomworld, a lead designer of Bioshock 2 and he just decided to remake a level from Bioshock 1 into old good doom. Wow!

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  1. For me there's no "still" in the question. I never liked doom, even when I saw it around 1994 I was thoroughly unimpressed.

    I mean it had great graphics for the time, but I never saw any point in going around corridors killing monsters and collecting keys. I did that in my spectrum with gauntlet once (albeit with top-down 2d graphics) and got it out of my system.

    But that's obviously personal taste. I know that a lot of people actually like the genre that was once called "doom-clones" and is now called "first-person shooters". I find them all tedious and boring.