Friday, 19 March 2010


I am not sure why I can't get into this link.

I am not sure why the link to this story from slashdot has zero comment (the date was somewhere between yesterday and before). I even posted a single one wondering why.

Wait!!! I just tried to search for this link and it's not there. Wait no, I found it. Look, it's just me!!! LOL. (Maybe I won't be tomorrow)

They forced the pages go down so fast? A damn conspiracy? Or am I just paranoid?

Say I don't care,. I will write something else here.

The last time I got a new laptop I uninstalled the damn antivirus that came with it. It made my system crawl like hell (also it still does because it runs Vista :P). It bugged me with false positives (any antivirus does it and imagine you want to get some people interested into the demoscene by showing the marvels of 4k intros. An antivirus just drove them away :P). It just annoyed the hell out of me at every action I tried to take!

And then someone comes and tells me, yeah antivirus software is just like that, but there is this or that one (name) that was amazing and not just like the others. And then I discuss it with another friend about the same antivirus and he tells me, what? This is the worst ones, crawls your system, etc, etc. I guess it was an older version that was ok? How do I know that the best antivirus won't be a total crap tomorrow?

I don't know but every time I install an antivirus in my system I am in doubt. My brother told me that antivirii are the real virii here. They clot your system, annoy you with warnings, at least they don't delete your HD yet. I might be sounding like those people who refuse to take vaccinations. I am probably gonna pay it in my system one day..

And all these because of the stupid people who think it's cool to write a program (or copy it from someone's else source most of the times) that destroys our computers. Hell,. I am gonna go back to CPC where nobody makes any virus anymore (do they even exist?). Wait,.. I can't :P

Ok, I guess when I have a virus I'll throw one of these programs, kill the threat and then uninstall it again. I did this before with spyware kind of threats and it worked :P (Yeah, yeah, I know. Those programs also protect you before the bad is happened, but I still like to uninstall the when I don't need them)

I totally don't make a sense. That's because I am a computer hermit XD

p.s. Another one with the story that is up atm is here

p.p.s. Actually the original link came back. I know I am paranoid here :)

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