Saturday, 5 December 2009

Be Selfish

It's funny! When I loaded this WAD, I had the feeling of a double deja vu. I thought I have played this before twice, the second time wondering if I had played this before. For some reason it appeared three times in my hard disk (normally, I download new WADs and put them in a directory, later I delete them or put onto favorites. Now, this one appeared for a third time in my WADs to play dir).

Yet it was so nice that I wasn't bored to play it for a third time. I am even inspired now to continue creating some old levels I started making months ago.

I love Paul Corfiatis levels. They just have the right balance of gameplay, design, architecture and size. Levels with excessive details are interesting, although when you can create atmospheric worlds with more simplistic geometry yet still enough detailed then it's a must. I like minimalistic worlds that inspire me to imagine that I am in there. I like interesting architecture. I also like a kind of gameplay that is not too hard yet it provides enough action. And sometimes few sets of interesting traps. Other WADs overdo it with detail (which is interesting though or nice to look at) and difficulty (this one is not interesting, just annoying).

I've just seen that enough time has passed since I last posted something about a doom wad, yet there are quite more good ones that I should one day review. I just love playing doom wads and especially taking nice pictures of interesting looking spaces and writting reviews about.

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