Thursday, 13 August 2009

The hermit and the stars

I am sitting here outside my hotel room watching the stars. The view from the mountain is magnificent. I am one and a half kilometer away from the place where I have to work the next days. I came here by foot, following the road in the dark. Magnificent view of the stars where there are very few lights. Just one think I am wondering about. Where the hell is the milky way? I see a faint thing. I have read somewhere that it's very hard to see it clear in the modern civilization where the places are full of city lights. I have seen some photos (which I am not sure if they are illustrations or the real thing) where it looks magnificent. Where can I see it like this? How far away from the lights should I go?

Someone would say that I am far away from civilization. Someone else would joke that I am still not far away from it because I am just writting this in a laptop. Although there is no internet, nowhere here. The village has something like twelve buildings and maybe thirty people are living here. Some dreamy ethereal music is playing in my laptop while I am sitting outside alone, watching high for the stars as I am writting this (blind writting ftw :). As I am intentionally creating some kind of wannabe romanticism one thing comes in my mind.


p.s. I am wondering what has became of this blog and where is it leading. So far I like my posts. It's just that 90% of them have to do with my despise of the modern hacking culture. Which has totally something to do with the main inspiration that initially made me open this blog. My dislike of some mainstream aspects in the computer world accompanied by some kind of romantic feeling about the old times when things were just starting and were pure. The modern hacker seeks a target to attack just because it's trendy to deface websites and write a manifest or do anything stupid. Not many people understand the programming creativity of hobbyist communities and these same people speak of the best words about how they adore hackers who do stupid acts. Although I may be too obsessed with this anti-"hacking" thing (it shows) and I am thinking to shift to other subjects that still have to do with the good old things and how they have changed. And keep that romanticism (Don't take it seriously (I don't), just flow into it and dream :)


  1. Nice, what part of the globe were you in? =)

  2. I guess I forgot to mention.
    Still in Greece but in beautiful island of Crete in the south. Actually my current job involves some database applications used in hospitals and we were sent there to train users in the health centers on the programms. Not my favorite kind of job but fun to travel for free :)