Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Recent demos

I am not very demoactive these days and sometimes not even bother to watch demos. Most of the recent VIP demos failed because I am back in time with an old motherboard with an Athlon at 1.5Ghz and my Radeon 9600 (the new Radeon didn't even managed to cooperate well with this old piece of hardware). However it's not the main reason I do not watch recent demos. First of all I was kinda off, busy with other things, not wishing to bother with the demoscene (not hating it, just having no mood), then it's a dead period anyways. I think I will be off for more than 3 months (since the last time I visited Breakpoint) because I deliberately wish to shift to other activities.

Another problem is that I actually self-banned myself from Pouet (by changing my password to something quite random that I don't even remember it and then forgetting the whole incident the next day) so even if I see a good demo that I feel like writing something about it it's not possible, let alone if I ever did a new demo I wouldn't be able to upload it (although with my lack of motivation and wish for change to a different field (game developing?) I doubt that time will be any soon). Anyways the good thing with that is that it makes more sense now to write things about recent demos I liked in this blog. Thus it will be more active. Writing a stupid review lost in hundreds of reviews and silly comments on Pouet was easier but less inspiring that writing something about one or two good stuff in here.

Of course the demos that I could see in my old crap PC and I would like the most are a good bunch of oldschool 8bit or 16bit demos. The first one is an Atari STe release by MJJ Prod and while it's a small release with only two effects, both of them are good enough and are accompanied with some kind of story and atmospheric graphics. I think it has something to do with the Matrix but since it is a bit of cliche and I care about the effects anyways, I don't even remember what it is exactly. The effects are a smooth scroller mapped on a 3d surface with green dots like some old kind of computer monitor of terminal, very effective to the atmosphere. The other one is a smooth fullscreen zoomer of various images that have something to do with the story. A nice surprise for the STe. Get it here.

And then there was that screenshot on a new Pouet prod. A gameboy monochrome demo! Not only I didn't expect a new gameboy demo but feared I would be not satisfied by them recently. There were some recent jumalauta (and from another group too) stuff which are not bad yet for some reasons I forgot them, maybe because I am not as much fun of their newschool in your face style with ugly chunky effects. But 20y by Snorpung just has all the fun I need! Oldschool style with both hardware based effects (kefren bars, twisters, distorters (ok, not sure if the last two are hardware based here)) and cpu based effects (polygons, 3d dots), great music, smooth transitions, nice graphics and an end upscroller to give you the creds and greets (yes, I want this!). It's made to celebrate the 20 years since the release of the original gameboy. A very nice tribute! (Since this demo might fuck up in most emulators, it's better that you watch the video at the pouet link in the comments).

That's all for now. I have yet to see some recent modern PC demos, there are few interesting 4ks, maybe a demo or two and there are also the dihalt entries for spectrum (although I don't expect something extraordinary). There are many things I might have missed although no major release. Maybe I would see some of the modern PC demos in a netcafe a day that makes up for the mood. I just hate going to youtube for the 4ks.

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