Thursday, 25 June 2009

Garbage on the web

It always makes me mad.
I like the feeling of being off-line. Away from the junk.
It can still be fun if you like to be in control of your computer.
Programming little things and little machines. The real thing.
Real and respectable computing. Alone.

I received another one of those emails. Someone I knew send it to me. He probably didn't know and he thought it was the right thing to do. Microsoft and IBM said one of the most dangerous computer virii is on the loose. Even CNN had that story! The virus can burst you hard disk in flames. It can also steal your email and your id. They warn you to close your PC the following days. Maybe it will be better to do so with that pyramid email shit floating around. Sigh...

It's common. It's nothing to be angry about. Pyramid emails. Stupid hypes. Annoying Spam and pop ups. Pseudohackers spreading virii and defacing websites. Stupid flaming and hip websites. Boring social community sites. Internet for the masses.

I recently heard the word "darknet". I immediately fell in love with the concept. A private network for the few ones. Maybe it's a bit elitish. Maybe someone can't easilly get into. I don't even know where do they exist and how they look like. I wish I knew more about computer networks. Although they remind me the old times of BBS. I never had the luck to join one though. It was past my time. Maybe some people are still running them for the nostalgy. Private networks. Somehow it's appealing that besides the all well known internet there are some unreachable places out there. There is something in the concept that is so inspiring till the mass discovers it and it becomes mainstream and spoiled. But who is the mass anyways? I might be a part of the mass too :P

I heard another even more appealing word . It's called "off-line".

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  1. Let me know if you found out more about this darknet!