Friday, 15 May 2009

Everyone hates the phone

It seems to me that everyone hates the phone. Not just at work. But even here, why do they? I should ask them. I get a little anxious with phones but nobody else says this is the reason. But maybe nobody confirms that because it sounds a little wousy.

Do you remember the time when mobile phones were not in everyone's possesion? I can't remember this one. It feels strange. How the hell would someone reach me if I was out in the city? How did I managed to meet my friends? Maybe I don't remember that because I didn't have any friends at that age or I didn't went to the cafeteria or something. But it feels strange. What if I reached a particular point of meet and my friend didn't arrived? Phonebooths? Not sure..

Doesn't it annoy you when you don't want to be interrupted and you are interrupted? When there is no moment of silence? Sometimes I just close my phone and others expect me to have it switched on all the time. It might even sound strange to them. But they never asked me about it.

I might be in great pleasure closing the damn thing! But sometimes in anxiety in case someone calls me for something important. But I know I can, I know I can simply ignore the important thing. It might prove not that important or if it is sooooo important then he might reach me through other means. Or he might call again.

Should I throw the 300 baud modem away? No connection to the outside world? But I do somehow want it. Maybe only the good sites. Maybe the old usenet. Maybe the places where other people with old computers meet. Not the crap popular majority.

But you see, we are slaves of ourselves. I would throw the damn phone if I could. I would stay offline if I really wanted. Maybe this needs a different zen of thought.

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