Friday, 15 May 2009

About this blog

I could explain what this blog is about. Even if it's just another blog. Some of the things I am writting here could be expressed in another blog of mine. It just popped up in my head to open this one in an instant. Hopefully it doesn't fail to the category of the blogs that after a while I feel compeled to close. I won't let this happen..

One of the things that I really hate is when some beliefs I feel they are wrong, become so popular through mouth to mouth, that when you try to debunk them nobody listens to you and you even sound like an outcast, you even feel it's a taboo to speak otherwise. Of course, I would sound like an idiot if I just claimed that MY idea is right and yours is wrong. I try to keep an open mind. But there are some ideas so flawed up that you think it's not possible that most people accept them and yet they are so blatantly wrong that you want to SCREAM! Such is the power of common opinion that anything, no matter how stupid, can be supported and finally be accepted as the sole truth by the mass. And then you hear the same ideas from even the experts. It doesn't matter if Einstein said it or the average Joe!

And yet I have become so good in feeling that aura, that essence of when someone transfers a meme and says the phrase "Isn't that so?" and the other person is compelled to just nod his head because he is not left of any choice or there is a feeling of common connection, that he agrees with what all agree and that only makes the thoughts expressed to sound as true facts while they aren't always so. That feeling of common consceous. I can't explain that yet. But I can feel the power that makes even not exactly the right ideas dominate. But who can define what is right and what is wrong anyways?

I can't. Not only I am not so confident but I also try to be a little openminded. Or is openminded another excuse for the real fact that I don't want to be such a wuss? I like it when people are brave enough to say what even myself can't sometimes say. When the political correctness or politeness don't stop their way. Does it mean that they are always right? No. But they have to say something because usually nobody says something like that, because it is taboo or nobody should say so. Their opinion is more interesting to me because it's rare, because it's something you are not used to hear around you.

Normally, the things about human society or popular and taboo ideas on various subject would make it to my old blog. This one is more about the things I want to say having to do with computers and the community. These ones that nobody says or it's a taboo to say. Or to show up some popular opinions on computing which in my opinions are kinda wrong yet widely accepted.

One of them is for example the whole confusion/myth behind hackers (as portrayed on tv) and how much confusing it gets. I have written a lot of articles about it in the past. And there are a lot more that I want to write. Some people do seem to say something, like that hackers are creative and not destructive, that they should be called crackers, etc. but there is a point that even their sayings are not enough or they are still making some mistakes or their words are still not the same as what they might be thinking. It's such a confusing yet challenging subject for my constant struggle with the power of such common beliefs. Expect a lot of articles on this one.

Sometimes I feel like a hermit. But then I imagine a lonely guy in the corner feeling the same things as me and yet he thinks I am a dumbass just like the rest. I know. Maybe I am looking like the same people I speak about to the eyes of other hermits. But nobody is perfect.

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