Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hey there mr.spikey ball!

LULZ! Just a lousy screenshot of some 3d generated geometry of my incoming demo. Of course this has to be textured, shaded, etc. It won't be like in the screenshot.

Unfortunately I was too busy the last week because I was occupied by some preparation seminars for a job (the good news here is that there is a high possibility that I get a new job right after breakpoint) and a lot of other things (learning french, teaching on private lessons, etc). So, I haven't done much since the last post. The finished parts are still only two which means that I have to rush for the remaining five days. My brother is also trying to make the music for the demo just right as we speak. But I think the demo will be submitted to the BP09 demo compo, although the final quality really depends on the limited time and my motivation. Certain ideas will or will not make it into the demo and other parts may not be as complete as I was planning at first. At least I will be there at the party and try to enjoy my time.