Sunday, 18 January 2009


The last two days I was working on the new OpenGL demo framework and I am happy it's ready. Today I was reading some GLSL tutorials and I am very happy to finally have managed to code something that works. In the screenshot you can see an ugly plasma and a distortion. I don't think I will use them in my planned demo of course (enough with the plasmas :) they are just tests to check how things are working. Yey!

I am impressed by the shader power, that plasma was several lines of random sines, floats and divides and it just updated at far too many frames in my ATI. You can write a lot of maths per pixel and don't be afraid about speed. I am wondering what is the real bottleneck with shaders and if as a careless programmer I could reach it (since I remember demos with heavy shaders being too slow here). Another thing that made me happy was a program called Shader Designer. It was so easy to use, I just changed some values and I could instantly see the result. Really helped me coding anything without wondering what happening and nothing gets rendered.

And there are still a lot to see and understand about shaders. It's a bit different logic than what I am used. Now I'll just have to think of a theme for my next demo and start planning about the scenes and effects. When? Hopefully at Breakpoint..

Friday, 2 January 2009

What's next?

2009 is here. I might find a job really soon. I'd also like to find a mood window (eh? like we say time window or something) to kick ass in the demoscene again :)

One thing is sure though (and will be 100% when I buy the tickets). I am coming to Breakpoint 2009. This makes it half sure that I might bring a demo too. It's already planned, it will be PC accelerated and the theme is already decided. I just have to start. As for my other abandoned projects (CPC demo and anything else) I don't know. Time will tell..

I will update this blog with screenshots of my progress soon.

Crazy Space

It's finally out!!!

This was a project which a friend initially started and still maintains (both programming the game and keeping the public relations of the dot red games casual games company). I have also written some code for this game in the past (the special demo-style effects like 3d stars, box filter, radial blur, etc). There is a java (applet or webstart) demo on the main site and a link of where to buy the full version. Have fun!