Saturday, 1 November 2008


It took me 2+ frustrating weeks to integrate the 2nd part of the CPC demo I am currently working on and one evening to finish a rotozoomer effect for another part. Things are so arbitary when coding. Sometimes you spend a whole week to find a fucking bug and at other times you have such inspiration and clear mind that it all goes well and there is something to see on the screen after few hours of coding. I wish I was such productive (or maybe lucky on code) every day. And I even love the code I wrote today for the rotozoomer, so clean, so nice, with nice tricks (yet not the most optimized thing I can get).

I think that the effects for the intro are ready now, I just need to integrate them together, sync them to the music, do little fades and design details here and there and then I go for the big thing. The main demo. I will build this from scratch, being more careful with memory organization and taking more time on optimizing the effects and fitting all in memory. It will be something like a new step beyond and we are planning (or I hope) to release it till the end of 2008. Most probably it will take longer though because that's how projects come along. Also I am trying to not pushing it hard, enjoying the process and even not be too harsh on release but take the time to make something slightly more designed than my previous CPC demos.

I have a week since I stopped following the project list in the previous post. I also rewarded myself on my CPC effort by throwing a 1d20 dice and donate 15 stars to the inactive projects. It hardly works with 5 or 6 projects running low on stars. I need to mainly focus on one. Though I will keep the app running and try various other schemes. It will depend on my creative mood and which projects I would slightly like to take care for a little while (except from the primary CPC project). I try to keep a good balance in my real life and scene life projects and I am slightly content with the results.

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