Monday, 15 September 2008

Teapot mess

Just an ugly test. Some polygon pushing test. To do some speed checks.

I am rewritting my software 3d engine from. Currently I am working on the PC version but there will be ports for GP32, GP2X and GBA too. I have totally rewritten the triangle rendering and setup code, quite different than the old crappy renderer, seems twice faster on PC (I am wondering how well it does in gameparks) and it's organized so that it helps me write various shaders in the future. However there is no clipping, it's buggy with the interpolation, needs subpixel accuracy and a lot of other stuff. Various old data structures are rethought and rewritten, new are added that will help me to easilly define worlds with sets of objects, materials, cameras, etc. Half of the stuff are written and there are a lot to be fixed.

I hope I will finish with it oneday because as it seems, it needs much more work than I originally thought. I am not so much thinking how to optimize (except the triangle renderer), but more dwelling into how to organize the data structures, the functions, the whole logic in the best way possible so that it's easier for me to show stuff with this engine easilly. And everyday I discover a logic that I would prefer from what I have now. And then change my mind. And it's still a bit confusing. And the renderer is buggy and needs a lot of code :P

Maybe I will return back to CPC soon. I totally stopped working on our demo since I started with the PC engine but I needed this as a change. Now I need the CPC as a change :P

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