Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Urban Brawl (aka Action Doom 2)

I wasn't even expecting this! Long time ago, a massive work of art that turned Doom into a classic action game was released. It was heavily inspired by Metal Slug and Contra and there were a lot of great surprises here and there. Even different paths to follow in the game, secret weapons and funny easter eggs and graphical reference to movies/games or anything. The ammount of graphics and scripting should be hellish and everything was very well presented. This wasn't doom, this was action doom! :)

Suddenly, I get informed that something new is out. I never expected of a sequel. When you do such a work on the first one, you usually retire from the scene or something. Very very happily I downloaded the demo (which even doesn't need the original doom wad) and ran it on my computer. It was different than expected, this time not an action game, but a beat'em up with a cartoonish look, some cutscenes and voice acting that reminds me of Max Payne and being inspired from various beat'em ups, mostly the punisher, maybe Streets of Rage and Final Fight too. What I liked in this sequel (or prequel, since it's taking place several years before the timeline of the first) in comparison with the original, is that it's not extremely hard. It's playable, fun, easier and smaller (except if you buy the full game). And there are still a lot of surprises there! I think I am having much more fun with this one than the first.

As you start in your room, fires ablaze around the building. You can grab a pistol from the drawer, a bottle of jack daniel's (which you need to drink first before using it as a weapon) or a fire exstinguisher (and hell knows how many more secrets I have missed ;). You go out in the city and various ugly dudes are waiting for you. Punksters, pimps, bitches, gangsters, fat dudes or emo's (That one was hilarious for me, because here in greece the news talk all the time about emo's vs trendies and how easilly they get beaten by everyone. Here in the game they are the most weak characters for another time, is it a funny coincidence or was it intentional? :). You have in your disposition every kind of brutal weapon you always wanted to get and beat the crap out of something, like pipes, chains, peg with nail, baseball bat, french keys, big hammer, knifes, bottles, billiard sticks and way more I am surely I have missed. You can break trashcans, piles of tires, smoking cans, etc where you find food, weapons or money. It's really the game for the young hooligan inside you :)

There are a lot of places to visit that are classic in most beat em up's. Dark alleys, subways, bars, a bridge (this reminded me street's of rage 2) and of course elevators which the stop and more dudes are coming in each floor (another very classic thing in most beat em up's). And the high building with the rich boss at the end (although the demo does not reach the very end I guess). Also funny stuff like a casino where you can even play poker or jackpot (hell of a scripting!), rotate the roulette, smash vending machines and get cola and chips. And there is a secret with action which reminds me of kill bill. And the two pink girl ninjas that always annoyed me in streets of rage. And more surprises, way more!

And I am missing more because I haven't bought the full game. Support the developers because they deserve it! (You get Action Doom 1 and more stuff too for only 9,99$). This is a hell of a great work! And plays well and much easier than their first.

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