Saturday, 30 August 2008

CPC nostalgy 2

I wonder why I named my first entry cpc nostalgy and not something like CPC ribbons alike or CPC curves or new CPC code or something? So this will be number 2 but the title might not be oh well..

I will just post another screenshot here and maybe take a long time till I post another preview. It would spoil the thrill of the demo if I was about posting preview shots all the time.

This one is my attempt to try something like antialiasing (or WU pixels Mode 0 where only DY counts for one up and one down pixel, but DX takes no part in the filter). It looks ugly at some places but I still wouldn't think I would make something like antialiasing so easilly on the CPC. It's just the fractional part of Y and some look up table (or not even that but you get the example). Oh,. and forget the bad thing with the lines stopping after some X in some parts. It's not a bug, just some rendering going looping and out of vram but not checking..

Maybe oneday I will leave CPC and also try making that OpenGL framework I was talking about. Mmm,. I wish I could make both at the same time :P

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