Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tiny code marathon

It's easier to motivate myself to sit down and code hard for 3 days before the deadline than doing it for a month. At least I had in mind that with little effort something could go for the big screen at Euskal. Instead of coding something entirely new, I threw my old effects on a plane of voxels (aka heightmap). There was no time and the plan was nice because some effects look neat on this setup, the music is sweet and the colors are ...err (but there is nice morphing/transition of colors and heightmap from one part to the next). It's done in a haste but it's better than I thought for 3 days of work. Now, if I only can port it on tinyptc and make use of minifmod, this can be easilly crunch to be presented as a 64k intro rather than a demo. I will probably try this today. But whatever happens I have at least a demo ready for the big screen and I am quite happy about it!

I'd only wish I could take the time to build a true framework for demos instead of meshing around with unorganized code. Something to make life easier when scripting sequences of demoparts and syncing to the music. Well, I already try to improve my demo framework(s) slowly slowly but there is more to be done still.

Long time have passed since my last code marathon. This one has lasted for 9 hours.

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