Tuesday, 8 July 2008

More boring news

It's going well. All this with regulating my emotion and coding for a little while. Slowly but working. Better slowly without big expections and seeking for the fun of it than getting anxious and frustrated.

The NDS democoding is postponed. I lend it to a friend so that he can play the new Super Mario :)

Afteralls I need more time to get used to it. I also need to make a port/simulation of some basic functions and vram addresses on the PC so that I can debug the demo effects there without needing to pass the code through the microSD every time I compile a change but test my demo only after several changes that happen to work on the PC port simulating the NDS lib functions that are used. I tried the similar technique with my first GP32 demo and now I code again for the GP32, I used the same framework.

It's funny how there are some programms which could help me so greatly if I knew them before. And in the past I would be all about whining "I don't need any additional programms to help me coding, it's a waste, I have to spend more time learning the actual programm". In my job we use several apps for code management and while there is no team working on my demos, one particular program was exactly useful for what I was doing back there with GP32. Yesterday I tested Araxis Merge for my old GP32/PC framework in my new demoproject. It worked like a bliss!!! You know,. some changes are C code and algorithms, but some others might be in source files that bare little difference between the GP32 and PC version. And in the past when I couldn't remember the changes I'd copy the PC source file onto the GP32 one and get few errors. But now I can check with Araxis the differences one by one and do my work greatly and fast! Who would believe that code management tools would help me in a demoproject? If I knew this years ago maybe my work on Led Blur would be much much easier..

Other news? I am also working on a X86 intro. Slowly. I had some idea, I wrote half of the code and the other half needs some careful thought. If it works it will be cool. But maybe I am even releasing this after I finish with the GP32 if not between, because GP32 is the priority now.

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