Friday, 18 July 2008

Failed coding - vacations

I haven't written a line since the last post. But it doesn't matter much or I try to not care really (still trying to regulate my feelings). Afteralls the reason was not procrastination but social occasions. I had gone to the beach with some friends the last weekend and it's gonna happen again. It's good. Just no time to finish a project. Then four days but half of these days I am gonna be meeting friends. Maybe I'll try to do something today in the evening. But what?

I abandoned the GP32 demo. For the moment. No time for Euskal deadline. But today I was thinking of maybe doing something else, something smaller with old resources in a tinyptc old framework with tinyfmod maybe. Going for 64k? If it gets larger I will just release it as a demo at Euskal. Of course the bigger possibility is that I am not making it. Then I'll just enjoy the party and my holidays in Spain and forget democoding for a while. Maybe I'll go back to my CPC projects again.

I know, jumping from one project to another. But I try to be happy that I am sometimes active and not care about release much. Afteralls I am not doing this 8 hours per day anymore..

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