Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ready to ship!

See you at Euskal!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tiny code marathon

It's easier to motivate myself to sit down and code hard for 3 days before the deadline than doing it for a month. At least I had in mind that with little effort something could go for the big screen at Euskal. Instead of coding something entirely new, I threw my old effects on a plane of voxels (aka heightmap). There was no time and the plan was nice because some effects look neat on this setup, the music is sweet and the colors are ...err (but there is nice morphing/transition of colors and heightmap from one part to the next). It's done in a haste but it's better than I thought for 3 days of work. Now, if I only can port it on tinyptc and make use of minifmod, this can be easilly crunch to be presented as a 64k intro rather than a demo. I will probably try this today. But whatever happens I have at least a demo ready for the big screen and I am quite happy about it!

I'd only wish I could take the time to build a true framework for demos instead of meshing around with unorganized code. Something to make life easier when scripting sequences of demoparts and syncing to the music. Well, I already try to improve my demo framework(s) slowly slowly but there is more to be done still.

Long time have passed since my last code marathon. This one has lasted for 9 hours.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Failed coding - vacations

I haven't written a line since the last post. But it doesn't matter much or I try to not care really (still trying to regulate my feelings). Afteralls the reason was not procrastination but social occasions. I had gone to the beach with some friends the last weekend and it's gonna happen again. It's good. Just no time to finish a project. Then four days but half of these days I am gonna be meeting friends. Maybe I'll try to do something today in the evening. But what?

I abandoned the GP32 demo. For the moment. No time for Euskal deadline. But today I was thinking of maybe doing something else, something smaller with old resources in a tinyptc old framework with tinyfmod maybe. Going for 64k? If it gets larger I will just release it as a demo at Euskal. Of course the bigger possibility is that I am not making it. Then I'll just enjoy the party and my holidays in Spain and forget democoding for a while. Maybe I'll go back to my CPC projects again.

I know, jumping from one project to another. But I try to be happy that I am sometimes active and not care about release much. Afteralls I am not doing this 8 hours per day anymore..

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

More boring news

It's going well. All this with regulating my emotion and coding for a little while. Slowly but working. Better slowly without big expections and seeking for the fun of it than getting anxious and frustrated.

The NDS democoding is postponed. I lend it to a friend so that he can play the new Super Mario :)

Afteralls I need more time to get used to it. I also need to make a port/simulation of some basic functions and vram addresses on the PC so that I can debug the demo effects there without needing to pass the code through the microSD every time I compile a change but test my demo only after several changes that happen to work on the PC port simulating the NDS lib functions that are used. I tried the similar technique with my first GP32 demo and now I code again for the GP32, I used the same framework.

It's funny how there are some programms which could help me so greatly if I knew them before. And in the past I would be all about whining "I don't need any additional programms to help me coding, it's a waste, I have to spend more time learning the actual programm". In my job we use several apps for code management and while there is no team working on my demos, one particular program was exactly useful for what I was doing back there with GP32. Yesterday I tested Araxis Merge for my old GP32/PC framework in my new demoproject. It worked like a bliss!!! You know,. some changes are C code and algorithms, but some others might be in source files that bare little difference between the GP32 and PC version. And in the past when I couldn't remember the changes I'd copy the PC source file onto the GP32 one and get few errors. But now I can check with Araxis the differences one by one and do my work greatly and fast! Who would believe that code management tools would help me in a demoproject? If I knew this years ago maybe my work on Led Blur would be much much easier..

Other news? I am also working on a X86 intro. Slowly. I had some idea, I wrote half of the code and the other half needs some careful thought. If it works it will be cool. But maybe I am even releasing this after I finish with the GP32 if not between, because GP32 is the priority now.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Current news

I code again (enough with the K(ode) meme :P). I said that before. Perhaps tomorrow I won't code. But I don't care since I am trying to change the mood. I didn't planned for this change but it involves a lot of experimental coding or trying out things, no strict deadlines, thinking of fun, even trying to code something for half an hour if I feel bored and tired and then I can relax if it doesn't grab me into. And regulating my feelings about all these. I didn't plan it. When I plan something I never fulfill my initial wish. It came after my frustration, maybe something was planted in my neural cells and it's just happened. Even if I code very few hours but at least I code something just for the occasion instead of being inactive for a month and crying about it. My neural cells change and see it's a bit worth it. And I really need some proper stimulus like being focused into something creative as code, in order to forget my existential thoughts for a little bit. So I am coding. Again.

What I am currently doing. Trying to code in parallel, either for GP32 or NDS. I was planning to do a demo for each. The NDS demo was planned since a long. I was thinking to finish something for Assembly but my plans changed and I am not gonna visit Assembly this year. Not that I am not going to continue coding a NDS demo too. Although I will be at Euskal demoparty and will probably bring something.

With both demo plans, I haven't even started. I've just ported my new demo framework from PC/SDL into both, almost finished with making the music player to work and maybe I'll start tomorrow. I'll probably be too late for Euskal but the GP32 demo would be much easier to finish while I have more idea on the NDS and I need to know the screen modes more so it needs work. But I don't bother with this thought, even if I miss the deadline I'll have a half demo. And I'll try to enjoy the process rather than the goal.

Generally I love to work in the GP32 more. Ok,. the screen mode is vertical, there is a sound bug, but there is something I also like in this machine. Maybe it's also more challenging than GP2X (and doesn't eat my batteries so fast :P). I really love the GP32, even more than the Pandora when it comes =)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I have decided to walk through madness to koding. Koding is the kure. The kure for my madness. And now this blog will transform from mindless crap to anything related to kode. Small things I am doing, koding news, koding thoughts, demo thoughts, plans, projects, wishes about koding, philosophy of koding, dreams of koding, etc, etc, etc...

Yey!!! I sort of finding my way in kode with a bit of regulation of my feelings about koding, the scene, the "real" life and kode. It works... in a way!

Afteralls, life does not have a meaning but programming has logic.

This is a koding blog from now on (till I flip out!)