Sunday, 27 January 2008

Damn Interesting

My blog is about everything I like, from beer and women to websites :)
This is the first entry of this kind here and only rarely I will be motivated to include websites when they really deserve it.

So what is Damn Interesting? It does look like a blog at first sight, though it's one where several people contribute. What made me bookmark this site at first was the discovery of this article which dives into the insight that "mentally disordered" people might be thinking more logically than "normal" people who seem to be living an illusion they call reality. But that's not what I want to say about the site though read the article asap!

What's interesting about damn interesting is that it contains articles of scientific nature that are damn interesting because they offer insightful stories and strange facts you don't happen to read every day. What I mean is that the selected subjects are a bit not so known or heard to most people, even those who fiddle around scientific sites, yet each of the article is so inspiring and shares such rare facts I haven't heard before that drives me to read more and even more. In a nutshell, those little known facts and stories about history and science you don't happen to encounter every day, which although tend to be rather insightful. It's the selection and the narration. It's Damn Interesting!!! =)

You won't stop reading article after article. One of my favorite sites! Visit ASAP!!!

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