Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Source

I just found this one again, watched it and felt like writting something about it. It's a kind of demos without much code or special effects but just the usual thing that is called art (minimalism, ambience, noise or anything else). In the past when I was hungry for codepr0n, when I tried to watch such kind of demos I either pressed esc and/or gave bad critics on demoscene sites. Nowadays I seem to enjoy those strange demos more and generally when I start watching I am aware that I don't have to expect a classic demo style rather something weird I'd feel like diving into.

It's a scrolling text that is hidden by a rubber bar and scanlines on the screen are displaced randomly bearing noisy patterns. It's like there is something important on the text but we can't totally see it. I can relate to keywords in the text which motivates me to try to fully read and understand it. Later, buzzwords from the text scroll up. The message is fuzzy to read but are the specific words enough to get a meaning? Or is it that there is no real meaning in the text, totally randomly written, yet our dedication to words and sense makes us understand something that is not there?

As much as I am thinking it, it gets more interesting. The second time I have watched it it had the same effect on me, I was totally sucked into it, it has some great atmosphere or something in the text had me stuck there? I don't know. I just felt like writting about this demo (someone wouldn't call this a demo). Btw,. it was originally for ZX Spectrum but there is a PC executable now that everyone can download and watch without the need of an emulator.

Check it here!

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