Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Man from Earth

Yesterday I laid back in the couch to watch some movie with my brother and we have randomly selected The Man from Earth. Judging from the poster and the genre it was not what anyone would expect. Yet I was immersed from the very beginning and wondered if it will be similar to this all the way till the end. I loved it and I am gonna watch it once again more carefully!

I think this is a kind of movie that a specific group of people will like and the opposite group will get bored of it. There are people out there who get sattisfied by the inner substance of things while others stare at the package/external beauty. The movie starts with a man who packs his stuff and says goodbye to his close friends as he decides to leave his homeplace. Everybody wonders what the reason for that decision is and the man while hesitant at first decides to reveal his secret. His origins goes way back in the Cro-Magnion age, who as a caveman for some unknown biological reason does not age over 35 years old. He has lived through all human history under diferrent identities accumulating knowledge and wisdom from different places and times. Of course nobody believes him at first.

Later, this emerges into a thrilling dialogue with his friends (Who are professors of anthropology, history, religion and similar fields that match the story) combining philosophy, history, religion, psychology, being a wonderful mix between scepticism and belief. It's really interesting to observe how people react to his story, their change from disbelief to belief, their anger, their bore, their hypothetical questions that challenge the reliability of his story, their feelings, their primary beliefs being challenged. "How would you react if I just told you that I am a caveman who has survived for 14000 years till this moment?" is the first hypothetical question that the protagonist raises to carefully start this conversation. Really, people's attempt to find flaws in his story and the challenging hypothesis that the protagoinst shares remind me very much of John Titor's timetraveller story. Hmm,. the protagonist is also named John in all his IDs..

While someone would expect the plot to shift from the philosophical forum under the influence of Johny Walker to some kind of action/different setting (maybe a visual flight from the beginning of John's past till today?) it ends up in the same room where the caveman reveals more about his story to his friends while being challenged to the bone. Boring? Fascinating!

If you like philosophy and you can enjoy the inner essence and atmosphere of a told story without expecting something external to please your senses then this is for you!

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