Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sequential by Andromeda

I recently watched this demo in youtube and I liked it very much. It has something unique compared to several other still good Amiga demos. Something that makes this demo very special to remain in my mind.

Usually, I enjoy most Amiga trackmos for their code, music and transitions but most of them look the same. They bare some usual characteristics that make you think this is a genuine Amiga demo but you feel like you have seen that somewhere before. There is always a glenz cube, a dot sphere, flat polygons, transitions using those flat polygons that hide parts of the screen, the same sine scrollers, shadebobs, cooper effects, similar minimalistic color design, the same dot effects, etc. Well, I always applaud these demos since they are very well coded and designed, yet they all look the same.

Sequential starts with a very nice presentation with jelly letters and bubbles and there are at least 3 effects/parts that are very unique and haven't seen them somewhere else before. There are still polygons, vectorballs and lines yet it's not only the more unique 3d objects they build but also the special way they are used here. I loved to see a nice smooth flat shaded magnet attracting some vector balls upon it's surface and was especially astonished by the combination of lines and vector balls to form a plant that looses it's seeds as it waves around in the air. I think every screen in this demo is unique, like the flat rollercoaster, mirror cube, the electric plasma sphere, even the regular 3d wireframe show which now has unique objects, not the predictable ones.

I like the demos which instead of showing the regular cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron objects, they show human like objects like a hammer, a keyboard, a computer chip, a bottle, etc. Why doesn't everyone try to think of more original parts instead of copying screens and ideas we have seen before? I guess I should ask the same about my own demos. Sometimes it's the urge of newer coders to create demoparts resembling those made by our scene grandfathers. Or maybe lack of time before the deadline to think of something more original. And other reasons too..

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