Monday, 24 December 2007

More WADs

I've just finished Community Chest 3. I have to say that while the detail and amount of work are very high, it started bugging me near the end. The levels are too big and it's getting too hard near the end that I had to IDDQD in order to finish it (Not that I wouldn't be able to win by pressing the save key every 5 seconds :P). I am playing B2B right now and I'd have to say my favorite recent megaWADs in order are B2B>1monster>CC3. At least in terms of how much I enjoyed playing not detail or amount of work. In the CC3 screenshot above you can see my Doom SNES and XBOX =)

Back 2 Basics by Espi. IT ROCKS!!! Pure oldschool Doom 1 gameplay with some great looking areas, not extremely detail but I like minimalism and here the use of texture and architecture looks great, episode 2 replacing with a great looking sky and simple gameplay that I purely enjoyed. The two screenshots just above and below are from this one.

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