Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Action Doom

It seems that I spend a lot of time playing doom WADs, so here is another one :P

What can I say about Scuba Steve's Action Doom? In fact I have played it years ago and remembered it again and tried to replay it again to stare at it's level design and art. I think it is the most genuine doom WAD ever, a marvelous idea, yet it's a bit unplayable at some points.

What we have here is taking the doom engine (zdoom actually) to create an action based game similar to metal slug and contra. The work is astounding, several of the textures, weapons, screens and objects seem to be pixeled and the quality is great (unlike other gfx enhanced WADs where they are mostly taken from other FPS), the gameplay is linear in a sense of walking forward like in action games and if you want to play all the levels you have to not select the very easy difficulty. In the normal difficulty if you are hit by a bullet you die. Just like in 2d action games. And both you and the enemies shoot bullets which float like spheres in the air, yeah just like 2d games. Crazy idea but it gets too difficult at some places where the area is small or there is some tank or cannon which needs many hits to be destroyed,, just like metal slug and contra, but here it needs way too much bullets.

What can I say? It's a wonderfull technical and artistic work as a WAD, there are different paths to take in the 2nd level either driving a boat, jumping over cars in the highway (once you fall off you die, this was extremely hard even with save :P), there are coin ops you can actually play, a super mario world secret, alien bosses inspired from contra, laboratories containing farming aliens in containers, various jokes and references, even great music that is module based I think and not midi, there is a great amount of cool stuff in it and you can only see a very tiny ammount in these screenshots. Freakin amazing stuff!!!

Also check the youtube link of the 1st level to get an idea. What can I say? A WAD of great quality which is although is annoying to play. Will Scuba Steve make Action Doom 2 in the same quality but maybe more playable? (I'd suggest that when you are hit by a bullet and die to continue from that point with a life less instead of starting the whole level from the beginning. That would still be like an action game, wouldn't it?)

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