Saturday, 20 October 2007


Plasma fun? Well, I couldn't find a more appropriate name. The "Quest For Fun" blogname/account was already taken and so I made up my mind with something from the demoscene that is quite fun and then the word fun itself :)

Plasma stands for a lot of things from physics, space, tv screens and demo effects. However only the last one matches my initial idea of this blog. It's the most common effect I have coded in my demos and looks similar to a kind of animated plasmas from physics, thus how the name came in.

In this blog I will write about everything that I feel like it's fun like demos, games, software, music, movies, girls, etc. Everything that happens in my PC and I'd like to share with you. Think of it like an almost review blog of oldschool and newschool demos, games, Doom WADs, funny or interesting or scary or weird videos, my favorite celebrities, commercial or demo music that I like, youtube videos, weird pictures, anything media like that happens to play in my PC and wish to write about it. Sort of like that!

In the youtube video you can see some trippy plasma effects. I don't know if they are captured from a physics experiment or are generated on a computer but they are quite more complex and beatiful than any plasma effect I have coded in the past. This post is just to start this blog, something relevant to it's name..